Best 1000+ Good Morning Wishes for 2021 | सुप्रभात शुभकामनाएं हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में

Good Morning Wishes – If you like someone very much and care about them. And you want to send them good morning wishes so that they also remember you and they will give you some wishes too.

Wishing is just not morning message with some random rose picture It is a message that will motivate or fill with love so that receiver feels them and become happy.

Latest Good Morning wishes, SMS, greetings, Whatsapp Video message

You can send good morning messages to your mother, father, uncle, Aunt, friends, boss or your kids or your loved ones.

Yes I mean to say you can send Good morning Wishes to anybody from whom you have any kind of good feeling and want to show your feeling and want to share some good vibes with them.

What is Good Morning Wishes Actually if I ask this then there is no certain answer to this question.

But I think that any message that contains motivation, inspiration, romantic or love message that carries your feeling rightly to the receiver and that you send them in the morning before sending them any other message is called Good Morning Wish.

Try good morning saturday wishes to send wishes to your loved once on weekend so they are not in hurry and may be they give you good response and if you want to send Good Morning Message to your family then try our101 Good Morning Beautiful Girl Images With Quotes In Hindi Or Good Morning Jai Shree krishna Quotes in Hindi and they will love these quotes.

In this post, I have searched the internet for a week and collected 1000+ of best of them for you. So If you are searching for Good Morning Wishes for your loved ones.

This post is for you and if you like this post then please comment and share with your friends and families.

Latest Good Morning Wishes Jan 2021


बनते रहते हैं निगाहों में सभी के चेहरे
बात तो तब है कि तस्वीर बने सीने में
Good Morning

धन से ज्ञान उत्तम है,
क्योंकि धन की रक्षा
करनी पड़ती है और
ज्ञान हमारी रक्षा करता है

समय व्यक्ति को सफल नहीं बनाता,
समय का सही इस्तेमाल व्यक्ति को सफल बनाता है…

जिंदगी की किताब में धैर्य के कवर का होना बहुत जरूरी है,
क्योंकि वही हर पन्ने को बांधकर रखता है…

गुजराती की तरह काम करो, राजस्थानी की तरह खाओ,
पंजाबी की तरह डांस करो, और लाइफ जीयु भारतीय बनकर।
Good Morning to all of you

रब ना करें इश्क की
कमी किसी को सताए ,
प्यार करो उसी से जो तुम्हें
दिल की हर एक बात बताए
Good morning

अपने किरदार को मौसम से बचाए रखना,
खुशबू लौट कर फूलों में वापस कहां आती .है
Good Morning

रिश्ते किसी से कुछ यूँ निभा लो
की उसके दिल के सारे गम चुरा लो
इतना असर छोड़ दो किसी पर अपना
के हर कोई कहे हमें भी अपना बना लो …
Good Morning

तुझे पाने की इसलिए ज़िद्द नहीं करते ,
क्योंकी तुझे खोने को दिल नहीं करता ,
तू मिलता है तो इसलिए नज़रे नहीं उठाते ,
फिर नज़रे हटाने को दिल नहीं करता ,
ख्वाबों में इसलिए तुझको नहीं सजाते के
फिर नींद से जागने को दिल नही करता |
Good morning

अगर ज़िन्दगी में सुकून
चाहते हो तो लोगों की
बातों को दिल
से लगाना छोड़ दो

रिश्तों की कदर भी पैसो की तरह कीजिये जनाब दोनों
को गाँवना बहुत आसान है और कामना मुश्किल।

जिंदगी में चुनौतियां हर किसी के हिस्से में नही आती
क्योंकि किस्मत भी किस्मत वालों को ही आजमाती है।

जीवन में सुख , आनंद मिले तो शुक्र करो
न मिले तो सब्र करो

अगर मेरी वजह से कोई तकलीफ हुई हो तो समझ लेना
तुमने ही पंगा लिया होगा क्युकी मै तो मासूम हू ना

रिश्ता कोई भी हो, पासवर्ड एक ही है – “विश्वास”
Good Morning

सफलता सुबह की तरह होती है
मांगने पर नहीं जागने पर मिलती है
गुड मॉर्निंग

One more new page of your life
has started with the new morning
Hope you make it great.
Good Morning

Love is life
And if you miss love
you miss life.
Good Morning

Every morning brings new opportunities,
you, off course are capable
to make them work
Good Morning

Enjoy the simplest thing in life such as smile, a hug, kiss
holding hands are priceless treasure
Enjoy the simple things
Good Morning

Working for success make you master but
Working for satisfaction make you a legend
Good Morning

Good Morning
Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided

Good Morning
Be happy
Do the best you can
Be good and kind
God Bless

For getting success
there is only one lesson
keep your focus on goal
And go for it with passion
Good Morning

Nobody can go back and start new beginning
But anyone can start Today
And make a new ending
Good morning

Good morning
Wishing peace and blessings
To my all my friends

Good Morning ….. Om Sai Ram

You are a lovely Rose in Full Bloom.
But even if it withers,
You’re still
the most beautiful woman
for me.

Latest Good Morning Wishes Dec 2020

Life is a beautiful
One day, One hour and
One minute, will not come in your entire life.
Avoid fights, angriness and speak lovely to every person.

Good Morning
The most beautiful thing in life is
to build a bridge of hope
on a sea of despair.

Good Morning! Wishing you a wonderful day.

Good Morning! Wishing you a day filled with love & Happiness.

Good Morning Wishes with caption
Good Morning Wishes with Caption

Good Morning! Wishing you a wonderful month.

Good Morning! Set out to do great things today because what you do today can create different tomorrow.

Good Morning! It is Monday may everyone have a pleasant day.

I add a pinch of your smile to my morning coffee, and it tastes heavenly.
Good Morning my Goddess.

Good Morning Love is not what you say; Love is what you do.

Good Morning! It is a good day to have a good day.

Everyday is a Fresh Start. Wake up with grateful heart.

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Good morning wishes for GF | Good morning wishes for Girlfriend

God doesn’t give all the details, Sometimes He just says “Trust Me”. Good Morning

good morning love messages for girlfriend

Waking up in such a beautiful morning is a guaranty for a day that’s beyond amazing. I hope you’ll make the best of it. Good morning!

Life never gives you a second chance. So, enjoy every bit of it. Why not start with this beautiful morning. Good morning!

Romantic Good Morning

Every sunrise marks the rise of life over death, hope over despair and happiness over suffering. Wishing you a very enjoyable morning today!

Wake up and make yourself a part of this beautiful morning. A beautiful world is waiting outside your door. Have an enjoyable time!

The best way to start a day is waking up early in the morning and enjoying nature with a cup of coffee. I hope you’re doing this right now. Good morning!

Here comes another sweet morning, bringing joy and happiness and one more opportunity to let you know that you always stay in my heart. Good morning, my queen.

All my nights and days are filled with the wonders of your love. A lovely morning to you and thanks for being that special and wonderful woman in my life.

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It’s just a morning now but I am already missing you so much,
Good morning cutie, kissing and giving you the warmest hug.

My dear, I hope you have a wonderful day today, I hope the sky is as blue as your eyes, and the sun is as bright as your smile!

Good Morning Wishes For Husband

Good Morning
I hope your morning is as bright as your smile

The most difficult task is to make everybody happy,
the simplest task is to be happy with everyone.
Good Morning

I Want to grow old with you and
love you rest of my Life.
Good Morning Dear

Good Morning
My Dear Charming Husband

Good Morning Wishes With Flowers

Good Morning
Start where you are. Use what you have.
Do what you have.

Good Morning
May your day be blessed
with God’s grace today

May your day be blessed by beautiful moments.
Good Morning

Good Morning Wishes For Girlfriend

Good Morning !
Your sweet teddy bear misses you,
I can’t wait to see you

Good Morning Sweetheart !
Hope you have an amazing day ahead.

Good Morning
to the girl whose hugs make my day sweeter and
Kisses make my life brighter

Good Morning Wishes For Wife

Good Morning My Lovely Hubby

Good Morning Sweetheart !
Get Closer to you and kissing you,
This is the best way to wake up every morning

Good Morning to the woman who makes my
wishes and desires come true, and brings joy
and happiness to my life.

Good Morning wishes for Instagram

Open your eyes and brighten the day Sweetheart
Good Morning

Good Morning Believe in Yourself And
Success will forever walk with you

Good Morning
Make Positive Thoughts and Enjoy
Every Moment Of This Day

Good Morning
Let’s Be Positive Today and fill your hearts
with Kindness and Love

Good morning wishes in English

Dreaming big is great but sleeping big is not. So, good morning and wake up!

Every morning is special and you will not get them again. Good morning my dear friend!

You are the first thing to enter my mind in the morning and the last thing to leave my heart at night. Good Morning, Have A Good Day!

Each and every one of us will face death, so don’t waste your life and be thankful for another opportunity and another chance to live. Good Morning

Everyday may not be good, BUT There is SOMETHING GOOD in Every day. Good Morning

You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.”” Good Morning” 

Good morning wishes quotes

Everyone has Highs and Lows that they have to Learn from, But every Morning I started Off with a good Head on my Shoulder, says to myself, It’s going to be a good day.

Open ur Tinky Minky eyes, stand up and stretch ur crunchy prunchy bonz and then wake up yourself, tell your brain to refresh and tell yourself today is a GOOD DAY

You will not gain anything by looking back. What happened, happened. Look forward and move on.

Sunrise always wins over night & darkness and hope always wins over despair. I hope that you will defeat every night to make your future full of glorious rays of the sun. Good Morning Friends

After waking up in the morning think about the brand new day you are getting with 24 hours to spend. Use these hours fruitfully and you will know success. Good Morning

Good morning wishes images

Dear friend, new opportunities are going away and you will be too late to catch them. So, forget the bed and gear up to run. Good morning to you from a friend and well wisher. 

Good Morning Flower

Like the sunshine in the morning, may this brighten your day, and remind you that you’re thought of in a very warm way.” Good Morning!

Make your heart the most
Beautiful things about you
Good morning

good morning sms in love
good morning sms in love

May your worries are light
May your joy be great
May your cup overflow with laugh and joy

Good morning
May your day filled with good thoughts, kind people and happy moments

Good morning has a new beginning, a new blessing, a new hope. It’s a perfect day because it’s God’s gift. Have a blessed, hopeful perfect day to begin with. Good Morning.

May the rays from the beautiful sun sprinkle on your way opportunities that will lead you to achieving your aspirations. Good morning

If you are alive this morning, then you are half way through success. The other half is for you to just get out there and grab what belongs to you. Have a lovely day!

Today isn’t just another new day. It is another extraordinary opportunity to morph your dreams into reality. Good morning!

Good morning wishes Friend

Be Kind, be generous, be magnanimous … Good Morning

There is no better time than today to start working towards the very things you haven’ achieved yet. Good morning!

Wishing a fabulous morning to a truly wonderful man/woman! Chase your dreams with all the determination in your heart and success will always come embracing you

Rise up, start fresh, see the bright opportunity in each day.” Good Morning Friends

Good morning wishes for boyfriends

We might have failed yesterday, but we shall not dwell on it. The failures of yesterday should be lessons to achieving the successes we desire to achieve today. Have a beautiful morning.

I am hoping that you appreciate this brand new day with all the beauty that it brings. Good morning and have a super splendid day!

Every break of day gives equal opportunities to everyone. However, how successful the day ends all depends on how you start it. Good morning, and have a very nice day!

Good morning wishes love

Good morning. Start this beautiful morning, knowing that you can attract to yourself all the great things in this world, just by simply having a mentality that is positive.

Good morning, beautiful! Be thankful for each new day (such as this beautiful one) because it is another great chance to explore and appreciate God’s wonderful blessings for you.

Good morning, pretty lady! The very thought of you inspires me to achieve greatness. May your day be just as beautiful as you are.

Emptying all negativity and worries inside you makes it possible to see the brightest things that each day brings. Have a nice morning, dear!

Waking up in your arms again. That’s what I call a good morning!

It’s too early for good mornings, but you’re already on my mind. So, “Good morning!”.

Nobody can go back and start new beginning
But anyone can start Today
And make a new ending
Good morning

Good morning
Wishing peace and blessings
To my all my friends

Good morning wishes in Hindi

दिल ने कहा कि कोई याद कर रहा है
मैने सोचा दिल मजाक कर रहा है
फिर जब आई हिचकी तो ख्याल आया
की कोई अपना ही मेसेज का इंतजार कर रहा है ।।
देने वाले की हैसियत है साहब…
कोई प्यार देता है…तो कोई धोखा
Good morning everyone

इजाज़त ही नहीं कुछ और हमको देखने की,
अभी तो ख़्वाब आँखों में तुम्हारा चल रहा है..!!
good Morning

किसी भी उम्र में हो सकता है घोटाला,
इश्क़ किसी बैंक का कर्जदार नहीं….
Good Morning Love

माना कि जायज़ नहीं इश्क़ तुम से बे पनाह करना..
मगर तुम अच्छे लगे तो ठान लिया ये गुनाह करना….
Good Morning Yara

धीरे धीरे उम्र कट जाती हैं!
जीवन यादों की पुस्तक बन जाती है!
कभी किसी की याद बहुत तड़पाती है!
और कभी यादों के सहारे जिंदगी कट जाती है!
किनारो पे सागर के खजाने नहीं आते!
फिर जीवन में दोस्त पुराने नहीं आते!
जी लो इन पलों को हंस के दोस्तो
फिर लौट के दोस्ती के जमाने नहीं आते!!
Good Morning

जीभ पर लगी चोट जल्दी ठीक हो जाती है
लेकिन जीभ से लगी चोट कभी ठीक नहीं होती…
Good Morning

जिंदगी में किसी का साथ काफी है, कंधे पर किसी का हाथ काफी है,
दूर हो या पास क्या फर्क पड़ता है, अनमोल रिश्तो का तो बस एहसास ही काफी है !!
Good morning

सुबह उठते ही आ रही थी मेरे जिस्म से तेरी खुशबू,
शायद तुमनें मुझे रातभर ख्वाबों में सीने से लगाया होगा..।।
Good morning

Khilkhilati subah, Tazgi se bhara savera Hai,
fulo or baharo ne Apke liye rang bikhera Hai,
subah keh rahi hai jaag jao,
Apki muskurahat k bina sab Adhura Hai.

कुछ बोलने और तोड़ने में केवल एक पल लगता है,
जबकि बनाने और मनाने में पूरा जीवन लग जाता है।
परेम सदा माफ़ी माँगना पसंद करता है और
अहंकार सदा माफ़ी सुनना पसंद करता है !!

Mornings are made by god to
Make is fall in love with life not just once…..
But again and again
Good morning

Pyari Si Pehli Morning Me.
Thandi Thndi Hawao Me
Pyari Si Roshni Me
Pyar Bhri Duaon K Sath
Sabse Pahle Apko Pyari si
Subah Mubaraq Ho

Subah ka har pal zindagi de aapko,
Din ka har lamha khushi de aapko,
Jahan gham ki hawa chhu ke bhi na guzre,
Khuda woh jannat si zameen de aapko.
Good Morning..!!

Ab aisi surat kyu bna rakhi hai..?
ok baba muh bhi mt dhona OK!
Ab to muskrao : )

Nayi si subah naya sa savera,
Suraj ki kirno me hawao ka basera,
Khule asmaan me suraj ka chehra,
Mubarak ho aapko ye hasin savera.

Pyar se subah boli humse aa kar,
Bistar se uth aur dekh kya nazara hai,
Maine usko kaha pahle mere pyar ko to jaga lo,
Iske sath hi mera har savera pyara hai.
Good Morning

इक शिकायत करनी है तुम से।
तेरी तस्वीर क्यूँ बात नहीं करती मुझ सें.?
Good Morning Dear

खुशनुमा सुबह की नमस्ते
अच्छी सोच ,अच्छा विचार और अच्छी भावनाए
मैं को हल्का रखती है

कभी कभी रिश्तों की कीमत ऐसे लोग चुका जाते है
जिनसे हमारा कोई रिश्ता ही नहीं होता

मालूम सबको है कि जिंदगी बेहाल है,
लोग फिर भी पूछते हैं और सुनाओ क्या हाल है

सुबह की सुंदर शुरुवात
बांसुरी वाले की याद से
आपका दिन शुभ हो

खूबी में खामी दोनों होती हर इन्सान में
आप तलाशते या तराशते ये महत्वूर्ण हैं

बुराई छोटी हो या बड़ी
विनाश का कारण बन ही जाती है
क्युकी नाव मे छेद छोटा हो या बड़ा
नाव को दूना ही देती है
Good morning

एहसासों के पांव नहीं होते
फिर भी दिलो तक पहुंच ही जाते हैं

कभी कभी पहली नजर कुछ ऐसे रिश्ते बना लेती है…
जो आखिरी सासँ तक छुड़ाने से नहीं छूटती…..

Good Morning Wishes for love in Hindi

Good Morning
खुशियों का कोई रास्ता नहीं ,
खुश रहना ही रास्ता है

सबसे बेहतरीन नजर वो है जो
अपनी कमियों को सके

अगर किसी परिस्थिति के लिए आपके पास शब्द न हो तो
सिर्फ मुस्करा देना चाहिए

हर पल में प्यार है, हर लम्हे में ख़ुशी है;
खो दो यादें हैं जी लो तो ज़िंदगी है।

Romantic good morning Shayari for girlfriend in Hindi

तुझसे ही हर सुबह हो, मेरी तुझसे ही हो हर शाम,
कुछ ऐसा ही रिश्ता बन गया तुझसे, कि हर साँस में तेरा ही नाम
Good Morning Janu

बिन बुलाए न जाने क्यों
सुबह चाय के साथ
तेरी यादें चली आती हैं
गुड मॉर्निंग

एक अच्छी शुरुआत के
लिए कोई भी दिन
बुरा नहीं होता

किसी के लिए इतना मत गिरो
कि वो तुम्हे कुचल के निकल जाएं
Good Morning

किसी के चेहरे की मुस्कराहट की वजह बनो
ख़ुशी ही नहीं सुकून भी मिलेगा
Good Morning

अकेले ही लड़नी होती है जिंदगी की लड़ाई
क्योंकि लोग तसल्ली देते हैं साथ नहीं देते
Good Morning

रात की चांदनी से मांगता हूँ सवेरा,
फूलों की चमक से मांगता हूँ रंग गहरा,
दौलत शोहरत से ताल्लुक नहीं मेरा
मुझे चाहिए हर सुबह में बस साथ तेरा
Good Morning

नम्रता से बात करना
हर एक का आदर करना
शुक्रिया अदा करना
माफी मॉगना
ये गुण जिसके पास हैं
वो सदा
सबके करीब औऱ
सबके लिये खास है
Good Morning

Good Morning Wishes in Hindi for love

आँखें खुलते ही याद आ जाता है चेहरा तेरा,
दिन की ये पहली ख़ुशी भी कमाल होती है
Good Morning Jaan

लोग सूरत पे मरते हैं जनाब
हमें तो आपकी आवाज से भी इश्क है
Good Morning Dear

उलझने क्या बताऊँ जिंदगी की,
तेरे ही गले लगकर तेरी ही शिकायत करनी है
Good Morning My Dushman

एक ही समानता है जिंदगी और पतंग में
ऊंचाइयों में हो तब तक वाह वाह होती है
Good Morning

हालातों ने खो दी इस चेहरे की मुस्कान, दोस्तों ..
वरना हम जहां बैठते थे रौनक ला दिया करते थे
Good Morning

क़भी ठहरा ही नहीं वो अंदर मेरे…
परिंदों का क़ोई एक ठिकाना नही होता…
Good Morning

अहंकार और संस्कार में फर्क होता है
अहंकार झुका कर खुश होता है
संस्कार झुक कर खुश होता है

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