Best 53 Proud stretch marks quotes for moms

Proud Stretch Marks Quotes For Moms | Best Stretch Mark Quotes

Proud stretch marks quotes for moms Stretch Marks says that he has born his own child. Stretch marks are not just lines, this is the prize of keeping a baby in your stomach for 9 months, this is the mark of your love, this is the sign of your tolerance. This stretch mark is the identity of your motherhood.

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Some people may even call it bad because they feel that it reduces their beauty. But I think these are the things that nature has given on successful completion of the stage of becoming a mother. And the special thing about these stretch marks is that it is destined only for mothers. No man gets stretch marks no matter how much work he does. So I think it is a matter of pride for mothers and we can also celebrate these stretch marks.

Embracing stretch marks quotes

If you feel shame about your stretch marks then this is the time when you should stop feeling shame in your body and you should be proud of your body and whatever you have on your body.

Because it is all that you have and all the original things you have. So don’t think that you are less than anyone else because you are unique and there is no second copy of you.

And stretch marks are just marked they don’t have any special meaning and everything else is a matter of thinking nothing else.

My stretch marks are proof that I am the beautiful and complete woman in the world who take brought a new life into the world. I don’t need any opinion from you and what I am and what I feel about myself is the only thing I matter.

I am beautiful
My stretch marks are proof that I brought life into this world and that means more than your opinion.

मैं सुंदर हूँ
मेरे स्ट्रेच मार्क्स इस बात का प्रमाण हैं कि मैं इस दुनिया में जीवन लायी हूँ और
इसका मतलब आपकी राय से ज्यादा है।

Those lines on her thighs are poetry and the stretching of her skin tells a story of a strong beautiful woman

उसकी जांघों पर वे लाइन कविता हैं और उसकी
त्वचा के स्ट्रेच मार्क्स के निशान एक मजबूत सुंदर महिला की कहानी कहते हैं

Instagram stretch marks quotes

Her stretch marks lightning strikes of life, providing she could weather the storm

My body is full of life. My body is powerful.
My body made me mother.

Stretchmarks are the finest literature you’ll ever read

Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared and scars means you lived

Girls have periods, love handles and stretch marks.
If you’re not man enough to get that,
You don’t deserve one of them.

“Your body is not ruined. You’re a tigress who has earned her stripes.”

A woman stretch marks from one of two things. Either she was big and got small or she was small and got big.

Stretch marks make her self conscious, I kiss em when we’re

Stretch marks have become so common to me that I forget that they still aren’t completely accepted by everyone else.

Embracing the experience. Celebrate a body that has built two. And support any mothers who may be struggling with loving the postpartum bodies they are in. You are more beautiful than you know.

Stretch marks are normal, let your body grow in peace

Stretch marks are just marks that disturb your confidence whenever you wear anything. Confidence removes every scar and every mark.

Proud stretch marks quotes for moms

The beauty of those stretch marks depict how selflessly she nurtured an unseen creation within herself.

Her son suggested ‘Mom you should get a tattoo of my name’.
She replied I have already done that after your birth. ‘My Stretch Marks’.

My stretch marks are my baby’s first painting.

Mistakes are like stretch marks, don’t hate them,
they are the sign that you’re growing.

Stretch marks are beautiful

Being a Mom is worth every stretch mark, wrinkle and sleepless night.

Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.

Girls have periods, love handles and stretch marks. If you’re not man enough to get that, You don’t deserve one of them.

Real breast are not identical.
Real butts have stretch marks.
Real skin has freckles and scars.
That’s alright, and it’s all beautiful.

Stretch marks are the badge of a real woman.

I call them stretch marks designer and I do appreciate some cellulite

Stretch marks quotes tumblr

Wrinkles mean you laughed,
grey hair means you cared and
scars means you lived

my stretch marks quotes

“To me beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin.
It is about knowing and accepting who you are.”

Being different is one of the most beautiful feeling on the earth.

My thighs are so sexy, they can’t stop touching each other.

I love my stretch marks quotes

Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body.
It comes from embracing the one you have.

stretch marks caption Instagram

I used to have a beautiful belly, Now I have beautiful kids. I see my marks as service stripes and a reminder that I had the privilege to bring life into world.

For every women that wishes she did not have stretch marks is another who desperately wishes she did.

Woman with stretch marks quotes

I hid from the world behind sweatshirts and baggy pants
You made me comfortable in my own skin and stretch marks.

Show me something natural ass with some stretch marks.

My Body, My shape and My Rules.

When life gives you curves,
Flaunt them.

Pregnancy stretch marks quotes

Tattoos …. Scars …. Stretch Marks
They all tell a story of who you are and what you’ve endured.
Never ashamed of that.

I think freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, bruises, birthmark and scars are coolest thing ever.
You started off with almost blank canvas.
Look at you now, all this evidence that you lived.

I love when a girl has stretch marks from being pregnant.
I think that it is so sexy that they gave up their body to make a life.
It tells such a good story.

Yes I have stretch marks quotes

My girlfriend has stretch marks on her hips…
I think it is sexiest thing ever.
I always grab her hips under her skirt
She is so perfect in every way.

Motherhood is a very beautiful phase of your life,
do not let stretch marks and body fat takes away your confidence.

It’s taken me some time to get used to my body and I will always work to get rid of my stretch marks.

Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks.

Stretch marks 🥰
Hip dips 🥺
Chub 🤩
Body hair 😌
Surgery scars 😇
Every feature is lovely.

Your body is art and stretch marks are just God singing his art.

My body is like a roadmap to my love.
All my stretch marks lead to my gash


I use to jog everyday, but the only thing that jogs now ,
is the stretch marks on my body

It is not about the size you wear
But the way you wear your size.

Enjoy your body.
Use it every way you can.
Don’t afraid of it or of what other people think of it.

I love my body, and I would never change anything about it.
I am not asking you to like my body.
I am just asking you to let me be me.

I don’t think my stretch marks are beautiful.
I don’t think they’re tiger stripes or natural tattoos.
I don’t think my acne is beautiful.
I don’t think the bags under my eyes are beautiful.
I just think they’re human.
and I don’t think I have to be beautiful all of the time in order to be accepted and loved and successful.
I don’t think every small detail of my outer appearance needs to be translated into prettiness.

I know my heart is stretch-marked and strong. It’s not just worn, but feeling threadbare. And while my heart’s willingness seems to wax and wane these days, I know it’s there. If you’re feeling the same way, just remember that there’s nothing more beautiful than a worn heart that is somehow still willing.

Body stretch marks quotes

My body doesn’t define me.
I define my body.

Stretch marks are like God signing your body after he makes it big.
He’s like “Here’s a little extra, from Me.”

I love creating shapes with my body, and I love normalizing the dimples in my butt or the lumps in my thighs or my back fat or my stretch marks.

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Stretch marks are not detector for me.
The better the personality the less visible flaws like that become.

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