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YouTube's trial to charge everybody for 4K video quality fizzles

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Indeed, it didn't take long to obtain the consequences of that trial.

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YouTube gets quick responses for its latest Trial and most of them were like a lesson to it. 

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Last week, it became apparent that YouTube was running an examination to see exactly how much individuals were able to pay to watch content in the 4K goal. 

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The organization was trying out an update that would put 4K  video quality behind the YouTube Premium paywall and 

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leave all non-Premium clients with a maximum goal of 1440p. 

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This would really intend that, except if you were paying $11.99 for YouTube Premium, 

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you'd at absolutely no point ever get to watch YouTube in 4K in the future.

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The reaction to the trial was, as you might have speculated, quick and furious, 

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with many individuals taking to Twitter to voice their disappointment that the organization would do something like this. 

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However, Youtube has taken a lesson and is finishing the examination, 

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now all clients can watch their substance in 4K, whether or not or not they have YouTube Premium.

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Multiple Blue Rings

YouTube’s fails experiment of charging for 4K video quality 

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