World's Shortest Flight Reaches Destination in Just 1.14 Minute in Fare of Rs 1,645

Noel Philips, A travel blogger documented and shared on YouTube his world’s shortest

flight that connects the Scottish islands of Papa Westray to 

Westray in the Scottish archipelago of Orkney. 

the flight operates in a triangle formation, flying from Papa Westray to

Westray to Kirkwall and it has just 2.7 kilometres apart.

This flight takes just 1.14 minutes to reach its destination place

and it charges £17, or roughly Rs 1,643 for that.

The flight is operated by Loganair and operates twice in a day. 

The place is the only, regularly used transport by the locals and visitors like him. 

Being the shortest flight in the world, it is also the
costliest flight,

 if one goes by the cost of every kilometre travelled. 

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