World Book and Copyright Day 2022

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Books are a bridge between generations and connect across different cultures. 

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World Book and Copyright Day is observed globally on 23 April by UNESCO and 

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other international organisations to celebrate the scope of books, and promote the pleasure of reading.

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People from more than 100 countries celebrate the day.

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The date of 23 April is notable in world literature as many prominent authors like William Shakespeare, 

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Miguel de Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega passed away on this day.

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The idea of celebrating a day of the book was first conceived by the Valencian

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writer Vicente Clavel Andres 
to pay honour to the author Miguel de Cervantes.

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World Book and Copyright Day 2022 Theme ‘Read…So you never feel alone.

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UNESCO celebrates the day to pay honour to three major sectors of

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the publishing industry - publishers, booksellers and libraries. 

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The day is now seen as a platform to promote literacy and

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People across the globe come together on

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World Book Day to celebrate their love of reading.

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