What is Mononucleosis or Kissing Disease? Symptoms and Treatment 

Mononucleosis is a disease that primarily affects youngsters, teens and young adults. 

The sickness is caused by most notably Epstein-Barr Virus and certain infections. 

Mono is known colloquially as “the kissing disease” because it 

spreads quickly through body fluids such as saliva.

Mono is not a dangerous illness for the most of people and

typically cure without any medicine or therapy. 

However, acute weariness, bodily pains, and other symptoms

might disrupt school, work, and daily life. 

Not everyone infected with the virus shows symptoms may be the other people just carry the virus. 

The symptoms of Mononucleosis is fatigue Sore throat, Fever Lymph

nodes, Tonsils swollen and Headache Rashes on the skin Swollen

Mono has no vaccine or treatment. Antibiotics used to treat

bacterial infections, take enough rest and keep your self Hydrated. 

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