What is Langya virus and what are its symptoms

Recently, In the two eastern provinces Shandong and Henan

of the South Asian superpower got affected by 35 infections

from this Henipavirus virus. The new type of Henipavirus is

also known as Langya Henipavirus or the LayV.

Henipaviruses can cause severe illness in animals and humans,

and currently, Henipaviruses is incurable because there

are no licensed drugs or vaccines availabble for this virus.

The distinct Henipavirus named Langya transmits from animals to 

humans but there is no report of transmitting it from 

human-to-human  so it is not as contagious as coronavirus.

However, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has

adviced people to apply safety and cleanliness in behaviour. 

The main symptom of Langya henipavirus is fever, fatigue, cough

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