Tribeca Film Festival 2022: More big stars like Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, JLo hit the red carpet

Tribeca Film Festival 2022 is kicked off  8 and runs through 

19 in New York City. At this major event, there are several famous

celebrities from all over the world attending the show. Some big

names that hit the red carpet of the Tribeca Film Festival 2022

are Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, and JLo. Tribeca Film Festival 2022

began with the premiere of Kelly's "Taurus" film starring Machine

Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. Ray Romano hit the red carpet 

alongside his daughter Ally Romano for his directorial

debut "Somewhere in Queens" premiere. Taylor swift hosts 

a special ' All too well' screening.  The Robot Sophia made an 

appearance for the premiere of "Sophia." Xzibit attends the "The 

DOC" premiere on June 10 and Slick Rick performed during

the screening. Megan Fox hit the red carpet to 

attend the "Blaze" premiere.

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