Something very interesting happens when S Jaishankar visited a US restaurant with his son ..... 

A video of External Affairs Minister
S. Jaishankar has gone viral
on social media, 

in which, in the 57-second video clip, he is sharing an incident that took

place at a restaurant he visited with his son in the US in 2021 just after 

the lifting of Covid-19 travel restrictions. At the entrance of the

restaurant, both the father and the son were asked to produce their vaccination certificates. 

While Jaishankar showed the certificate on his phone, his son
took out his

vaccine certificate from his wallet and produced it before the staff.

"I looked at his document and told myself, `Okay this is where they are`," the minister said in the video.

He is illustrated the advantages of having the Co-WIN portal as it made things easier

for people and everyone has it on their phone and can show the document anytime, anywhere.

Jaishankar added in the video "You must understand that this is not the case with much of the world".

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