No more work from home for Apple employees sets September 5 as the deadline - details

Apple employees will return to the office three days a week starting

from September 5 under its hybrid work model, as the tech giant 

prepares to launch a new set of devices and products next month.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an internal email sent to employees that

they are now implementing a hybrid work model from September 5 

which is introduced before 2021 but not implemented due to COVID.

In this hybrid work model employees will come to the office three

days each week with Tuesday and Thursday as set days across the

company and the third day is decided by your team lead.

Employees can do their work remotely only four weeks a year and it depends on their role too.

Tim Cook also said that the implementation of this program may be delayed in

some places depending on their status and locale but we will assure that by September 5

all offices implemented this hybrid work model. 

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