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Marnie Schulenburg,
'As the World Turns' and
'One Life to Live' actress,
dead at 37

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Marnie Schulenburg, 37, an American soap opera actress has died after battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. 

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Schulenburg was famous for her character Alison Stewart in "As the World Turns" and Jo Sullivan in "One Life to Live". 

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Schulenburg and her husband, Zack Robidas, welcomed their daughter, Coda, just two years ago in Dec 2021. 

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Marnie Schulenburg was grow up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

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She has an older sister playwright Corinna and a younger music teacher brother Allan.

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Marnie documented her journey from becoming a new mother to a cancer patient

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She shared her struggle with cancer on social media, writing on Mother's Day post on her Instagram account.

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On Mother's day, she had been sent home from the hospital on oxygen then she shared on social media that

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"It's not my ideal to be a 38-year-old Mom who needs an oxygen tank to 

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survive right now. I want to be strong and beautiful for her"

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she shares a series of photos that featured her daughter and her own mother, Candace with the caption

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"I want to show her how to move throughout this world with compassion, 

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 strength, vivacity, humour and joy like my Mother showed me."

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Marnie Schulenburg net worth $3 million

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Marnie Schulenburg

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