Follow Katrina Kaif Diet Plan To become fit in 21 days 

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Katrina hydrates herself well. She drinks a minimum of four glasses of water just after she wakes up which cleanses her body and keeps her hydrated throughout the day.

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Katrina takes either oatmeal or cereals. with egg whites along with a glass of fresh pomegranate juice.

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Katrina likes to have boiled rice along with veggies and legumes. She also has a healthy green salad. 

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She also likes to have grilled fish and brown bread with a little bit of butter at times as well.

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She takes some brown bread with peanut butter or a regular sandwich or sometimes dry fruits.

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Evening Snacks

Katrina has a lot of vegetables that are cooked without even a drop of oil for her. 



She pairs them with a green salad, dal, chapattis and a vegetable soup. She also has egg whites sometimes.

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Katrina Kaif completely avoids oily food or fried food in her diet. Yes, sometimes she takes peanut butter but only a little bit.

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Katrina Kaif Diet Plan

She follows her diet rule strictly to keep in shape. So if you want to become like her follow her diet plan at least for 21 days.

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Katrina Kaif Diet Plan

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