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Jossara Jinaro is an Actress who primarily worked in many Hollywood movies and Television shows. 

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Jossara Jinaro, an actress and producer who starred in ER and Passions

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She was born on 25 May 1973 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Her mother married a Colombian diplomat Mr. Jinaro. 

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Singer, dancer, and Actress Jossara has proven herself a dynamic and versatile artist.

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She has won several salsa competitions.
Took part in 5 marathons.
She reads music and
plays the guitar and clarinet.

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Won Best Actress for her portrayal in Desert Road Kill at The Scarlet Waters Film Festival (2012).

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She is living with his husband Matt Bogado and two children. 

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Jossara Jinaro Family

The TV and film star, Jossara Jinaro died at 48 from cancer on 27, April 2022.

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Jossara Jinaro Death

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