Iran bans women from appearing in all kinds of ads after a controversial ice cream commercial for domino

Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has banned 

women from appearing in all kinds of advertisements and it is

done to tighten the country’s hijab and chastity laws. 

The instruction comes just after a controversial commercial 

featuring a woman in a loose hijab biting suggestively into a Magnum ice cream of domino

The Iranian clerics found that the advertisement is “against public 

decency” and “insults women’s values” and it becomes caused

outrage and furore among Iran’s hardline Islamic leaders. This ban

 is based on a local law that forbids any "instrumental use" of women, men and children. 

However, the whole controversy is taking place against the backdrop

of a larger issue that is Iran’s enforcement of wearing hijab in 

public and in recent years many women have tried to protest.

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