How Roselyn Sánchez Looks Ageless At 49 ? Read Now 

She is 49-year-old Roselyn Sánchez the Fantasy Island 

and Home Economics star and podcast host. 

How she can manage all these at this age along with 

being fit too. She reveals that these five things give

her energy, and motivation to keep in shape. 

1- Sanchez does fun activities with her kids like going paddle 

boarding and enjoying time at the beach. she says "It made 

me smile seeing everybody have fun under the stunning

Puerto Rican sun."

2 - She Takes Advice From Her good Friends including Jennifer

Lopez. "If you want your face to look chiselled, no sodium

two days before," she said Jlo teach me that.

3 - She is very conscious about her body especially after 

having kids it solely depends on you and your choice so 

keep track of your routine and be motivated. 

4- She often says that her biggest motivations for staying

active and healthy are her kids. She became a mother 

late in her life so she want to be as healthy as possible

for as long as possible.

5- She Pushes Herself to do regular exercise and a healthy

diet to keep herself in shape n a regular basis even if she 

doesn't like it.

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