I need work, I have a family to look after: Former India cricketer Vinod Kambli Opens About His Financial Plight 

We are used to seeing Kambli with a gold chain, a bracelet and a

grand watch. Less than 30 years ago he was our proud in Indian

cricket like 793 runs test runs he scored in his first seven Tests,his Test batting average for 1993 is 113.29.

In year 2000 Vinod Kambli played last time for India.

In a recent video in which 50-years old Kambli with a grey beard and hat 

as he slow-walked opens about his financial plight is becoming viral.

Today, his financial condition is such that he’d be willing to do anything that connected with cricket.

He has four members in his family including him, wife, son (12) and daughter (7).

Kambli told in that video and he is retired cricketer and

his only source of income is BCCI’s
Rs 30,000 pension.

he told to his fans "Pray for me and please give me your love."

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