Florida court upheld a decision that a 'parentless' 16-year-old is not 'sufficiently mature' to have an abortion 

An appeals court Monday upheld a decision by a Florida circuit judge to block a "parentless"

teen from having an abortion, ruling she was not 

 "sufficiently mature" to terminate a pregnancy. 

The teen, described by one appellate judge as 16 years old,  sought court

approval to bypass the state's notification and consent requirements.

Escambia County Circuit Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz denied the request to bypass

the state's notification and consent requirements for 16 years old because the court

found that "had not established by clear and convincing evidence that she was

sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy” 

Florida court found that the trial court’s order and findings are neither unclear nor

lacking such that a remand would be necessary for us to perform our review under the statute.

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