Elon Musk  Tesla, Inc  Cars 12 features your regular car definitely doesn’t have

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the single centre screen that controls everything you need to do, 

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1. Only one touchscreen 

from running the car and playing the radio to finding driving directions.

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1. Only one touchscreen 

It claims to be hands-free driving that can stop at stop signs and traffic lights,

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2. Autopilot

make automatic lane changes, and eventually
auto-steer on any road,
even off the highway.

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2. Autopilot

Tesla has its own charging network, exclusive to Tesla owners. 

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3. Supercharging

Supercharging is available across the U.S. The fast-charging adds up to 200 miles in 15 minutes.

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3. Supercharging

Just like iPhone Tesla's software connects to WiFi
and can update a
long list of car functions. 

4. Free over-the-air updates

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It's like a hotel room keycard, but for your car you can
touch it to the door side
panel to unlock the door.

5. Keycard access 

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If someone gets too close to your Tesla for too long, the cameras start recording, 

6. Sentry mode

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and classical music starts playing from the audio system. 

6. Sentry mode

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7. Dog mode is for dogs to chill in the car. The car is kept cool with the air system still on even with the car in park. 

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8. Ludicrous and Plaid the car can go up to 200 mph and accelerates to 60 mph in under two seconds.

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9. Bioweapon defence mode  automatically turns the car into a safe breathing space.

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10. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube streaming You can watch all your favourite shows on your Tesla 

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11. CaraokeMore entertainment -  it's karaoke, with lyrics to popular songs appearing on the touchscreen when parked.

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12. The frunk - People put anything, to extra charging cords in the front compartment

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