Elon Musk reveals terrible morning habit that definitely relates with you

World’s richest man and CEO of two giants like Tesla and SpaceX,  Elon Musk has plans to colonise Mars. 

Elon Musk admitted that he checks his phone the first thing in the morning as most of us do.

and he thinks that this habit could be harmful to his health

and he now wishes to replace the habit with workouts.

According to media reports that Musk usually goes to sleep around 3:00 am and wakes up by 9:30 am.

According to IDC Research, nearly 80 per cent smartphone users

check their phones in the first 15 minutes of waking up. 

Going to sleep late and wake up late and waste first 15 minutes in check their phones after waking up.

I know that with these things
we can relate easily. 

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