Don't Go These 5 Places Even If Experts Say, to avoid new variant of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have essentially been revoked

from all over US but it dosen't mean that virus is disappeared. 

"New variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus are detected every week"

Nobody knows about new variations of COVID-19 how much 

it is dengerous or infectious. Most of the time when we have this kind

of data then it is already too late.  So it is better to take care of

yourself use protection as prescribed  and here are the five 

places you should still avoid, even
 if they are open, according to experts.

1. The Gym - indoor gyms are poorly ventilated and closed contact 

places  with are very risky in terms of infection. In workout they're

breathing out more particles as a natural result of exercise.

2. Nail Salons and Spas - going into a salon, where close contact with

a technician is unavoidable By nature and it can raise your risk of exposure.

3. Indoor Bars - Alcohol with loud music in a bar or nightclub, often 

makes you move closer to other people and if they are

overcroweded and poorly ventilated place then it is worse too.

4. Nursing and Retirement Homes - Nursing homes again the places where close contact

the technician is needed and  COVID patient visits for checkup and medication and if non COVID

person visit there then he is more vulnerable to these kinds of infections. 

5. Airplanes - Too much people in one place closed area for certain

period of time. On most flights, they sit near each other. So unnecessary

travel could be risky for anyone and try to fly only when it is really necessary.

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