Does Monkeypox Only Affect Bisexual Men? Here is the truth of all  Myths And Misconceptions 

After COVID-19, now monkeypox has scared the world. But in the case 

of Monkeypox, we don't have complete information so there
are lots of misconceptions

about the virus. like it can only infect bisexual men or it spreads
from swimming pools. 

So here are the answers to all misconceptions 

monkeypox is not a new disease it is in west and central Africa for ages.

monkeypox is an infectious disease that causes you rashes on the body, severe pain and itching. 

monkeypox spreads through close contact or usually spreads through skin-to-skin contact.

It can also spread by touching the unwashed clothes of the
infected person

You can avoid monkeypox easily through measures such as self-isolation and hygiene.

because of less information, It is yet to be revealed whether monkeypox spreads through water or not.

In the end, monkeypox is not a very dangerous disease and it
can be easily 

prevented by avoiding contact with the infected person and hygiene.

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