China H3N8 bird flu first case detected in human

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Now again a piece of bad news from China’s central province of

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Henan a four-year-old boy has been detected with

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first cases of bird flu in humans

an H3N8 strain of bird flu for the first time in humans.

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Bird Flu To Humans

This boy is only exposed to chickens and crows and raised at his home.

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This Avian influenza or H3N8 bird flu is a highly contagious viral disease.

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There are some strains like H3N8 of bird flu that is very rare but can be passed to humans also.

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is bird flu back ?

But it happens only through very close contact with infected birds or animals.

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H3N8 viruses circulate widely in birds and in horses and have also

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been detected in dogs in North America but

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for the first time, it is detected in humans too.

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