Burger King Launches Three New Breakfast Sandwich

Burger King just launched not one, not two, but three new

sandwiches for your breakfast. Introducing the Cheesy 

Breakfast Melts sandwiches. Now when you pull up to the

McDonald’s drive-through window for a quick breakfast, 

You can now view a pick of these mouthwatering sandwiches and

select the best for you too.
Whatever you like for ingredients

of your sandwiches are here like sausage, bacon, or black forest

ham, there's something for everyone. Of course, they wouldn't 

be breakfast sandwiches if they weren't complete with eggs and 

American cheese. be breakfast sandwiches if they weren't 

complete with eggs and and American cheese. 

These tasty ingredients are all for your favourite sandwiches 

between some seriously delicious-looking toast. 

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