Amazon disclosed why fired nearly 1 lakh employees in the past few months

Amazon disclosed in its earnings report for the June quarter that fired 

almost 100,000 employees in meantime. 

Amazon, the e-commerce company, cut down its staff by

almost 6 per cent which is very big in this area in one quarter.

In this recession time, Amazon is not only the company that layoff 

their staff but other big tech companies like Microsoft, Netflix,

and Shopify are also cutting down their workforces. 

Amazon revealed in its report that the company has 1,523,000 full-

time and part-time employees in the June quarter in 

comparison to 1,622,000 employees at the end of March.

Despite the firing of so many people, Amazon is still the largest employer in the tech industry.

Google, on the other hand, has not fired people but it slowed
down the hiring. 

Apple is also planning to slow down the hiring and focus

on other resources to compete with the economic slump.

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