Alina Kabaeva Net Worth Secret Girlfriend of Vladimir Putin 

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Alina Maratovna Kabaeva or Kabayeva is a Russian politician, media manager, 

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retired individual rhythmic gymnast, and Honoured Master of Sports.

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She is reportedly the longtime mistress of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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Kabaeva was born on 12 May 1983 in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union,

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the daughter of Lyubov Kabaeva and Marat Kabayev, a professional football player.

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In the following years, the status of Kabaeva and Putin's relationship became a topic of speculation, 

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Alina Kabaeva Net Worth

$10 Million

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Alina Kabaeva husband

Kabaeva was engaged to policeman David Museliani in 2004.

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Alina Kabaeva husband

They began a relationship in 2002 but separated in 2005.

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Alina Kabaeva husband

In April 2008, Kabaeva was engaged to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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Alina Kabaeva husband

The story was denied and the newspaper was shut down. 

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Alina Kabaeva Twins

alina kabaeva and Vladimir Putin share 7-year-old twin daughters 

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Alina Kabaeva Missing

Vladimir Putin’s mistress Alina Kabaeva is allegedly hiding in Switzerland with their four young children

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