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23 Unwritten Rule of Life

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#1 Never ever make fun of someone who is overweight at the gym.

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#2 If someone comes up to you that you don't know starts loudly talking about being your friend you play along

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#3 If you're wrong, admit it. 

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#4 You having a bad day doesn't mean that you have to ruin other people's day. 

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#5 Don't play your music out loud when in public and Buy a pair of damn headphones. 

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#6 Always let people out before walking in. This applies to elevators, trains, or anything similar.

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#7 If someone is giving you a ride, be ready before the person arrives to pick you up.

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#8 When driving and someone lets you into the traffic stream, be sure to do the "Thank You Wave."

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#9 Don't wear white to a wedding and don't propose at someone's wedding. I'm sure this sucks to hear, but that is not your day. 

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#10 When I show you a singular picture on my phone, don't ever try to swipe left or right.

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#13 Be the person you are.

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#14  Chew with your mouth closed.

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#15 Pay people back before they have to ask you to.

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#16 For the love of God, just return the shopping cart when you’re done with it

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#17 If you're walking side by side on a sidewalk and someone comes towards you, make room for them.

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#18 Don't touch me or stand so close to me that I can feel you breathing. Respect my personal space.

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#19 Don't bother someone with headphones in unless it's important. They have headphones in for a reason.

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#20 Maintain personal hygiene regularly

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#21 Never ask a woman if she's pregnant

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#22 Common sense ain't that common, so explain things in the simplest manner you possibly can.

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#23 Don’t touch another person’s hair or sweater just because you think it’s pretty.

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