Melissa McCarthy & Cousin Jenna Perusich On New Home Makeover Show: ‘We Are Not a Mellow Energy!’

Melissa McCarthy | Jenna Perusich | We Are Not a Mellow Energy!

We Are Not a Mellow Energy – Melissa McCarthy and her cousin, actress Jenna Perusich are doing greater than their truthful proportion in terms of giving again.

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The women, who bear in mind themselves “layout obsessed” have teamed up for the brand new six-episode discovery+ collection The Great Giveback (premiering June thirteen), wherein they may provide wonder domestic ameliorations to nominees who’ve long passed above and past to serve others.

“It turned into an extraordinary reminder that there’s a lot good, a lot of kindness withinside the world. It’s out there,” McCarthy tells PEOPLE. “We simply desired to have a good time those tremendous humans. And be reminded that all of us can simply make a difference.”

They had been stimulated to make their personal display after their first HGTV cameo again in 2020. McCarthy, 51, turned into tapped to appoint cherished ones for a domestic makeover on Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott’s star-studded collection Celebrity IOU. She requested Perusich, 33, for thoughts. Together they determined on Perusich’s parents, who’re retired cops in Chicago. The renovation, says Perusich, “simply modified their existence in each aspect.”

Teaming up got here certainly to the pair, who have become nearer after Perusich graduated from college, wherein she had studied theatre, and moved to L.A.

“I notion nicely if she desires to act, she ought to pop out right here and spot what a set’s like,” recollects McCarthy. “It took about 3 seconds, and we had been absolutely linked on the hip.”

“It simply is proper,” provides Perusich. “We are so comparable, however extraordinary, however weird. We’re now no longer mellow energy—I’ll depart it at that. You are aware us withinside the excellent way.”

As for his or her respective layout styles, “We genuinely have a comparable aesthetic,” says Perusich. “We love antiques. I experience like we each are very stimulated via way of means of antique colourations and fabrics.”

“We do have extraordinary opinions, however commonly it is a crimson flag,” McCarthy explains. Addressing Perusich, she provides, “If you’ll simply now no longer like something I desired to do, I might be like, ‘Oh, wait, why?’ rather than preventing for it. I might be like, ‘Well, in case you need green, and I need blue, perhaps it is lavender.”

Brainstorm thoughts on the use of Lucidspark’s virtual sticky notes
Brainstorm thoughts on the use of Lucidspark’s virtual sticky notes
Being capable of honing in on every one of the deserving nominees’ fashion turned into an even greater appeal.

“It wasn’t approximately us doing those homes for us. It’s simply approximately how we make those renovations experience specially catered to those extraordinary humans,” McCarthy says. “And it turned into highly fun, due to the fact it is a form of like while you construct a man or woman in acting, you do not think about it in phrases of yourself; you suspect how those humans would possibly assume. What might lead them to simply be happy? What’s the little factor to place on the shelf that could wonder them?”

Working collectively has made the 2 even nearer. “I assume her integrity is remarkable,” says McCarthy of Perusich. “She’s constantly proper to herself. And I experience like every day she can be able to do what is more difficult a good way to do the proper factor.”

McCarthy “remains proper to what she believes in, and he or she does now no longer waver and he or she would not compromise. That is simply inspiring,” provides Perusich. “We’re additionally notable sincere with every different. If one folk is having a horrific day, I do not assume both folks might lie. We see every different.”

The cousins also are adept at making every different laugh, in particular, if Perusich pulls out her “cotton-eye Joe dance” moves.

“Her doing ‘Cotton-eyed Joe’ out of nowhere, I defy all of us now no longer to laugh,” says McCarthy. “It’s simply so weird. And she form of does a membership model of it.”

“I drop it low,” says Perusich. “I drop it very low.”

“She harms her hips doing it,” provides McCarthy. “And then my kids [Vivian and Georgette] come in, and they may be like, ‘This ought to now no longer be happening!'”

The Great Giveback premieres on June thirteen on discovery+.

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