Violeta Mangriñán Desvela las Dificultades de su Segundo Embarazo: ‘Pensé que Me Desplomaría’

ioleta Violeta Mangriñán, Reflecting on the Challenges of Her Second Pregnancy: “I Thought I Was Going to Collapse”

The former ‘Supervivientes’ contestant has opened up about the difficulties she is facing in her second pregnancy.

Violeta Mangriñán has acknowledged feeling very tired and has had to cancel professional commitments.

The former ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ participant is expecting her second child with Fabio Colloricchio.

Violeta Mangriñán is one of the influencers who shares her life most openly on Instagram, so it’s not surprising that she has informed her legion of followers about the challenges she’s facing in her second pregnancy. With an image showing her legs stretched out on the bed in her new rented penthouse in Madrid, the former ‘Supervivientes’ contestant explained that she is extremely tired and has had to cancel several professional commitments.

Violeta Mangriñán opens the doors of the living room in her new apartment in Madrid: “It’s beautiful.”

Violeta Mangriñán addresses the rumors of Fabio Colloricchio’s alleged infidelities.

Violeta Mangriñán talks about her traumatic breastfeeding experience with Gala, her first daughter.

“I don’t remember ever feeling so down, this afternoon I couldn’t even get up from the couch. Between the leg cramps and the sudden feeling of fainting, I thought I was going to collapse,” explained the influencer. She’s not exactly sure what’s going on, beyond the fact that she’s halfway through her pregnancy and is feeling the effects of getting back into training after a year away from the gym: “I don’t know if it’s a drop in blood pressure, sugar… but it’s been horrible, I feel truly unwell.”

One thing the former ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa’ contestant is very clear about is that she will prioritize her health. So, if she needs to cancel any events or commitments, she will do so without hesitation. It’s a wise decision.

She admits that this pregnancy is much tougher than Gala’s, even though she knows she can’t complain compared to many others,” the Valencian woman confessed.

The reason she finds the situation so challenging is because she considers herself a “super active” person, so the constant fatigue is “exasperating and frustrating” for her, despite how happy she is to have settled back in Madrid. After just over half a year living in a newly built house in her hometown, Valencia, she has now put it up for rent because she doesn’t think it’s worth keeping that villa while paying a monthly fee to live in a new duplex penthouse in the capital.

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