Unbelievable! Meet the Mastermind Behind Movistar Fantasy MARCA’s First Triumph Álex Palomo – His Secret Strategies Revealed!

Meet Álex Palomo: First Champion of Movistar Fantasy MARCA’s ‘August Tournament’ and the Upcoming ‘September Tournament’

Álex Palomo, a 39-year-old administrative professional from Huelva, has made history by becoming the inaugural champion of the new Movistar Fantasy MARCA. He secured the victory in the ‘August Tournament,’ which covered the first three matchdays of LaLiga. Winning 250 euros in multiproduct vouchers and 1,000 credits, Álex shared his excitement, saying, “I’m thrilled. Among the thousands who participated, being the winner is incredible. I played the legendary Liga Fantástica MARCA years ago when teams were submitted via postal mail. I’m also in the top 10 of ‘La Pizarra de Quintana’ tournament, and with a bit of luck, I hope to contend until the end.”

The recent matchday was influenced by key players Lamine Yamal and Bryan Zaragoza. Álex revealed, “I signed Bryan Zaragoza based on a recommendation from a friend from Granada.”

ÁLEX PALOMO. First Champion of a Tournament in Movistar Fantasy MARCA Leveraging the new fantasy stars and emerging talents was instrumental in his victory after thirty matches. “Bellingham and De Jong have contributed significantly, and in the last matchday, I relied on Lamine Yamal and Bryan Zaragoza. I believe these last two made the difference. I didn’t know Bryan, but my Granada friend said he was a promising academy player who would make an impact.”

Álex, who had taken a break from playing fantasy sports, was pleasantly surprised by the Movistar Fantasy MARCA format. “It’s innovative, easy to manage, and doesn’t require much effort to spend a few minutes on it daily. It’s a smart move. Movistar Fantasy MARCA is the only football fantasy game I play.”

Our inaugural champion, a fan of both Real Madrid and Recre, shares his top bargain picks for each position in LaLiga:

  • Goalkeepers: Álvaro Valles and Jorgensen
  • Defenders: Traoré and Lejeune (despite the recent matchday)
  • Midfielders: Bryan Zaragoza and Luis Rioja
  • Forwards: Lamine Yamal and Savio

Starting the ‘September Tournament’

Ending on a hopeful note, Álex expressed his wish for monthly tournaments, similar to the ‘August Tournament,’ stating, “It would particularly help those who fall behind in the early league matchdays and lose their chance in the overall standings.” And now, his wish has been granted. The ‘September Tournament’ is here, offering prizes to the top three participants. This time, it will cover matchdays 4 to 7 (both included). Stay tuned at the end of the week as we announce a very special tournament…

Download the new Movistar Fantasy MARCA here, with more innovations than ever before! Including new competitions like the Champions League and the Premier League! With more prizes! And more customization options!

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