Unbelievable! Alfacar Makes It to the Grand Prix Summer Finals: We’re Now the Talk of the Town for an Incredible Reason!

Grand Prix Summer Finals – Alfacar Advances to Grand Prix del Verano Finals: “The Talk of the Town, We’re Now the Village of Bread and the Contest

The local municipality of Alfacar has secured its spot in the finals of the Grand Prix del Verano, setting the stage for a showdown against Aguilar de Campoo, a town in Palencia. This television event has captured the attention and enthusiasm of Alfacar’s residents, making it the town’s hottest topic of discussion.

With the upcoming finals in sight, the Alfacar Town Hall is preparing to once again set up a massive screen to broadcast the event. The anticipation is palpable as the whole town eagerly awaits the grand finale, which promises an exciting clash between the local participants and those from Aguilar de Campoo.

While the prize at stake is a substantial €10,000, the townspeople of Alfacar already consider themselves winners due to the tremendous exposure and recognition the town has gained through its participation in the program.

The recent broadcast of the event drew in an impressive audience of over 1.4 million viewers, capturing a dominant 15.9% share and ranking as the most-watched program of the day. This success was complemented by the enthusiastic gathering of residents at Alfacar’s Town Hall Square, where they cheered for their contestants and celebrated together.

Despite the Town Hall’s efforts to accommodate viewers by renting plastic chairs, the demand exceeded supply, prompting locals to bring blankets and beach hammocks for a comfortable viewing experience. In the spirit of camaraderie, people shared fast food, beverages, and even jackets in a festive atmosphere. Such was the anticipation that some had to stand as no one wanted to miss out on one of the most significant events of the year in the town.

Although the screen has been dismantled, it will be reinstated for the finals scheduled for next Monday. Mayor Fátima Gómez reflected on the experience with Granada Hoy, “The word that comes to mind is ’emotional.’ The town square was packed on Monday. For the finals, we’re renting an additional 200 chairs, but I’m still uncertain how we’ll manage to fit everyone in. Some will likely have to stand, not due to lack of effort, but simply due to space constraints.”

The night turned into a festive celebration in Alfacar. “We were all amazed by the response from the residents. People chanted the contestants’ names, shouted, sang along, and became emotionally involved in the challenges. In one word: incredible,” shared Mayor Gómez.

Juanfran Extremera, captain of Alfacar’s team, was also taken aback by the overwhelming support from the community. He noted, “When I saw the packed square, I wasn’t expecting it. It was a fantastic and emotional moment. A celebration we thoroughly enjoyed. We relished the experience alongside everyone,” he told this newspaper.

In the buildup to the finals, Alfacar remains united in their excitement and anticipation, savoring the camaraderie and community spirit that this television contest has ignited.

The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Semifinals

When asked about the “Hot Potato” challenge, in which the mayor was unable to pass the balloon, Fátima Gómez chuckles. “It’s clear that it’s not my forte—the nerves of being live on TV.” Nonetheless, she compensates for the situation with her prowess in the “Dictionary” game. “Luck plays a part, but it turned out well for us, and we balanced it out.”

The participation of artist María Peláe as the godmother of the event garnered significant attention, and the people of Alfacar expressed their gratitude in a unique way. “Just a few days after the semifinal was recorded, Peláe performed at the festivities in Atarfe. Many of the contestants attended the concert to thank her and show their support.”

On his part, Extremera praised the contestants’ remarkable physical performance on the show, where they displayed near-superhero capabilities. “Alfacar is a very active town, and many residents engage in sports. I have a coach’s spirit, and a lot of those who appeared on the program train with me in crossfit. That contributes significantly.”

“We’re eagerly looking forward to the finals, especially after having experienced two shows already. There will surely be emotions and unforgettable moments, and the competition will be fierce. Aguilar de Campoo has also proven to be a highly active and competitive town. They’ve prepared well, but we’ll always give our all and leave nothing behind,” emphasized the captain.

The mayor, on her part, extended her gratitude to both Europroducciones and the Grand Prix team. “The show’s producer thanked us, but it’s us who should be thanking them. Alfacar’s visibility has skyrocketed, and this summer, people from all over Spain have visited us due to our association with the Grand Prix. They’ve come to take pictures in the Town Hall Square. Regardless of whether we win or lose next Monday, Alfacar has already won just by participating. We’ve become known as the town of bread and the Grand Prix.”

When asked about the prize—a €10,000 reward for the winning municipality—the mayor remains non-committal. “The prize itself is less important for us. If we do win, I’m not sure where we’d invest it. We need a community center for sports, and perhaps part of it would go towards that,” expressed Gómez.

Granada Continues its Winning Streak in the Grand Prix

With its victory, Alfacar maintains the unbeaten record of Granada’s towns in this television competition. The four localities that have participated throughout its history—Torrenueva Costa, Cúllar, Deifontes, and now Alfacar on two occasions—have emerged victorious in all their duels against rivals, boasting a perfect 5 wins and no losses. This is an unparalleled record, as no Spanish province that has competed in the program has secured as many victories without a single defeat. This achievement stands unmatched.

In the final, the metropolitan town will once again have the opportunity to keep the province undefeated. Every time a Granada town has entered the television contest, it has emerged victorious. A promising omen for the upcoming September 4th.

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