TV Host Unleashes Shocking Truth on Controversial Josep Pedrerol Rubiales Case – You Won’t Believe His Take!

The host of ‘El Chiringuito’ shares his thoughts after seeing the involvement of the executive’s Josep Pedrerol family

The Luis Rubiales case continues to dominate television screens, not just on sports programs, but also in news and even entertainment shows. Every new development is closely examined and discussed by TV experts and contributors. If yesterday’s incident, involving the executive’s mother going on a hunger strike and seeking refuge in a church, surprised both insiders and outsiders, several female members of Rubiales’ family have now stepped forward to make statements defending him. However, their statements go beyond seeking respect and justice for him; they also take the opportunity to criticize player Jenni Hermoso, accusing her of inconsistency and falsehoods. Predictably, Josep Pedrerol is delving into this matter extensively on both “Jugones,” La Sexta’s news program, and “El Chiringuito,” Mega’s talk show. After delivering the latest updates to his viewers, the Atresmedia Televisión host has firmly expressed his stance.

Remaining entirely composed and calm, speaking in a measured tone, on the evening of Monday, August 28th, he conveyed the following: “It’s natural for people in his hometown to defend him, to comment on what they know, and we could even discuss whether Rubiales hunts or not. But here, there’s an innocent party, Jenni Hermoso.” He continued, “Let’s leave her out of this; she’s become an unintended focal point. She issued a statement and has the right to distance herself. I see it as a mistake when her relatives, like her cousin or sister, come forward and ask her to tell the truth. Jenni Hermoso has spoken the truth—expressing what she felt in that moment.” These were his exact words during the live broadcast.

He emphasized, “There’s nothing more to it; we shouldn’t be fueling this kind of conflict. I believe it’s not appropriate. We won’t handle things well if we’re eager to find more people to blame. Let’s not fall into that trap.” He added this before giving his panelists the floor to share their perspectives on the current controversy that’s garnering international attention. Thus, Josep once again makes his stance unmistakably clear.

In simpler terms, the presenter of ‘El Chiringuito’ is sharing his views after seeing the involvement of the executive’s family in the ongoing Luis Rubiales case. This case continues to be a major topic on television, discussed not only on sports shows but also in news and entertainment programs. The actions and statements from Rubiales’ family members have led to debates. Josep Pedrerol is addressing this issue extensively on his shows ‘Jugones’ and ‘El Chiringuito’. After giving the latest updates, he firmly expressed his perspective.

In a calm and composed manner, he conveyed that it’s natural for people to support someone in their hometown and discuss known facts. He also talked about the player Jenni Hermoso, emphasizing that she is innocent. He suggested leaving her out of the situation, as she has already given her truthful account. He criticized involving her relatives, like her cousin and sister, to ask her to tell the truth again. He stressed that focusing on finding more people to blame won’t lead to a solution. He then allowed his panelists to share their opinions on the current global controversy. This once again showcases Josep’s clear viewpoint.

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