A TikToker David Guzman claims you can buy ‘thousands of dollars worth of Amazon returns for cheap

TikTok | David Guzman | Buy Amazon returns for cheap | Buy Amazon at a cheap rate

A TikToker David Guzman (@waitwhoisdavid), reveals in his video what happens to many return items. In last those items are being sold in pallets at liquidation warehouses across the United States instead of back on amazon shelves.

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The trick to Buying Amazon returns for cheap

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avid Guzman said that you can actually check out these warehouses and even buy the items at a steep discount.

According to him, people can buy not only beauty supplies but also electronics, bedding, shoes, and more from these return warehouses at very cheap rates.

David Guzman claims that “Everything that you actually send back to them ends up in these return warehouse liquidation pallets. Anybody can buy pallets full of thousands of dollars worth of returns in each pallet for only a couple hundred dollars, and most people do not know about it.”

The video has gone viral, garnering 1.5 million views and over 25,000 likes.

In a later TikTok, Guzman pans the digital digicam in on a pallet field complete with marked-down splendour resources.

He says, “My female friend has been telling me that she’s been trying this particular make-up pallet or something.

I do not know what she stated so I discovered this region on-line that sells make-up pallets. It’s a complete pallet field of make-up, I’m going to shop for it for her, it is only $600. I desire she likes it. It’s a lot.”

According to his TikTok profile, humans should buy extra than simply splendor resources in those go back warehouses: electronics, bedding, shoes, and extra may be discovered there.

According to Guzman, different outlets like Walmart and Home Depot do the equal aspect, promoting back objects at discounted expenses at liquidation warehouses.

TikTokers have been amazed one of these aspects existed. One person commented, “Wow.” “I need to shop for one,” commented another.

As a few humans pointed out, now no longer all objects can be in top-notch condition: “Ok however why invest in returns which are usually broken or used or unsanitary. a coworker of mine bought a thriller field n the whole thing become broken.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Guzman thru Instagram direct message and Amazon thru press e mail to touch upon this story.

According to Guzman, other retailers like Walmart and Home Depot do the same thing, selling returned items at discounted prices at liquidation warehouses.

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