TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Found Dead at 19

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TikTok star Cooper Noriega has died and He was just 19.

The social media, TikTok star, Cooper Noriega was found dead in a parking lot on Thursday, June 9

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The cause of death of Cooper Noriega has not been released but his followers and friends said that he is fighting mental illness.

Firstly Barstool Sports “BFFs Podcast” shared a post about this “devastating news” on Twitter.

They share “RIP Cooper Noriega,” and. “Life is fragile. Enjoy every minute.”

The most interesting thing is Noriega appeared as a guest on the podcast just one week before his death.

The model was previously open with his fans about his struggles with mental illness and substance use.

On Sunday, June 5, he announced that he had started a Discord server where he and his followers could be open about their respective battles and share their stories. “If you’re really into getting your emotions out, or whatever, come join,” he said in a video posted to his TikTok account.

“I created [the server] because of how much I love you guys and how much I struggle with it myself.”

He continued: “I need you, men, to now no longer be on my own and [to] experience secure.”

In an Instagram put-up shared later that day, Noriega unfolded approximately his very own experiences, telling his enthusiasts, “I’ve been suffering from dependency considering that I became nine years old, you might imagine that’s loopy however that’s the lifestyles I’ve been dealt.”

“I would really like to apply the impact I’ve been given to create an area constructed on spreading consciousness and normalizing speak me approximately intellectual illness,” he continued, including that he desired to 1 day “open a rehab” wherein patients “aren’t traumatized” after their time on the centre.

Noriega concluded his Discord put up: “One of the various matters I’ve found out at the same time as suffering from dependency became that surrounding yourself with bad human beings will handiest carry you down.

For that reason, Discord is supposed to carry us all collectively and create a secure area wherein human beings can vent and assist others via their difficult times.”

In addition to sharing their surprise and grief, lots of Noriega’s enthusiasts additionally stated that he had published an eerie TikTok video on Thursday, wherein he wondered, “Who else b questioning they were given die younger af?” at the same time as laying in bed.

The teen captioned the clip with the second one 1/2 of his question, asking if it became simply him that felt this kind of way.

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