Streamer TheDanDangler Got Banned 6th Time on Twitch

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Twitch is an online platform which is most popular with the younger generation and here pushing boundaries often results in more success.

Dandangler has gained popularity through her @thedandangler named Twitch channel, known for streaming Twitch games.

She has amassed over 132k+ followers on the platform.

Streamer TheDanDangler is also a Twitch streamer who unintentionally, crossed Twitch’s threshold for approved content many times.

She’s consistently apologetic, but also often frustrated by Twitch’s ambiguous policies.

It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that TheDanDangler has caught a ban yet again.

Confirmation of the ban came from TheDanDangler on Twitter this past week.

TheDanDangler told her followers she was banned for the bikini she’s wearing during her latest pool stream.

She also says that it’s a bikini she’s worn “a million times,” assumedly on her Twitch stream, so she’s not sure what exactly she did wrong.

While the ban is clearly frustrating to TheDanDangler, she tells her followers that it’s just a day-long ban, so she’ll be back before long.

Regardless, a follow-up tweet from TheDanDangler includes an apology for breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service, or at least whichever rule she may have broken without realizing it.

She also makes clear that she loves her job, perhaps to punctuate that she’d never break Twitch’s Terms of Service intentionally.

Given that TheDanDangler’s ban was only for a day, it’s likely that Twitch doesn’t believe TheDanDangler’s Twitch infraction is particularly severe.

This will have been TheDanDangler’s sixth ban on Twitch, many of which have been for inappropriate attire.

More Details Of TheDanDangler

Age22 years
Real NameDanyell Lanza
Birth DayNovember 5
Date of BirthNovember 5, 1999
Birth Place Michigan, United States
Height5′ 4” inches
Net Worth In 2021$200,000 USD

She is on Instagram under the username @thedandangler and she has 117k Followers.

She also runs a YouTube channel named ‘TheDanDangler’ where she uploads gaming-related content.

Thedandangler’s Net worth Last Year was $200,000.

Streamer TheDanDangler is very famous on several social media like twitch, Twitter and Instagram. However, she keeps her private life hidden. Even people don’t know much about her family and siblings.

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