Singer Halsey Responds to Former Nanny’s Claims She Was Wrongfully Fired for Requesting Medical Leave

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27-year-old Halsey, the singer has decided to respond in a proper manner to claims made in a lawsuit by their former nanny Ashley Funches on Thursday.

Funches alleged that she was from her position just after requesting time off work for a medical procedure and that the medical procedure required her to take a leave from work.

Funches lawsuit tells about the work Funches is worked around the clock on consecutive days with little to no day of rest. She has “long working hours” and is not being paid overtime wages.

The suit also states that Funches was paid a $5,000 one-time lump sum payment for her accumulated overtime with no explanation about overtime or working hours.

Now the Halsey is telling their side of the story that the nanny’s claims were “baseless.”

They fired the nanny because of “specific incidents” when the infant was left “unsupervised in an unsafe location while under the nanny’s care.”

Halsey is saddened and disappointed as well and she feels it is important to refute these allegations publicly, as they are vocal advocates against ableism and for ethical working conditions.

“I simply need to clarify, for the advantage of buddies of buddies who may also have any of the diagnoses that I these days shared, I didn’t ‘simply get ill’ I’ve been ill.

For the long term. My diseases simply have their names now,” Halsey wrote on an Instagram Story. “I went to medical doctors for eight years.

Trying to parent out what changed into incorrect with me. I changed into known as loopy and nerve-racking and lazy among different things. I modified my whole lifestyle.”

“When I wasn’t operating I changed into basically constrained to my domestic for worry of the way I’d sense after I awoke every morning.

It took me a long term to get to even having an analysis so I’m celebrating!” they continued. “Don’t roll your eyes at your ill buddies. They can be combating a war that they have not named yet. Ya know?”

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