Mónica Pont’s Terrifying Robbery: ‘I Thought I Was in a Movie Until They Pointed at My Son’

Mónica Pont found herself thrust into the spotlight this week, not for her on-screen roles, but due to a chilling incident—a harrowing armed robbery alongside her son, Javier, right at the entrance of their residence in Mexico City.

The actress had just returned from a vacation in Tulum when, as they were about to enter the elevator of their apartment building, they were confronted by a thief armed with a weapon, who went as far as threatening them before making off with their belongings.

On Friday night, Pont connected live with the program “La última noche” from Miami, where she is currently recuperating from the shock of the ordeal. From there, she recounted every chilling detail.

“My son and I were returning from Tulum, and upon arriving in Mexico City, we made the mistake of not removing our watches and stowing them away. At the airport itself, there are scouts who watch you and determine whether what you have on you is valuable or not, and if you’ve exchanged money.”

She explained that it was only after they had entered the vehicle taking them home that they sensed something unusual. The driver began sending messages and drove past the entrance to their residence.

However, the nightmare truly began when Mónica and her son exited the car. “We had just taken our luggage from the car and were entering the residential complex when a burly man dressed in black with his face uncovered pointed a gun at us.”

It was then, as she details, that Manuel, their doorman, risked his life—perhaps because he hadn’t seen the weapon. “In an act of heroism, he confronted the assailant and received two gunshots, falling to the ground. That’s when I realized it was serious; until then, everything seemed like a movie, as if it weren’t real.”

Mónica Pont, live on ‘La última noche,’ recounted her horrifying experience from Miami, where she is recovering from the shock.

“I understood that it was serious; he hadn’t hesitated to shoot Manuel. People without values like them have no fear and don’t mind ending multiple lives,” she added, recalling the moment when the robber aimed his gun at her son’s abdomen, telling them to hand over their watches or face death right there.

As a result, the actress had no choice but to surrender the watches they and her son were wearing before fleeing. At that point, all she wanted to do was help Manuel. “I wanted to stay and assist Manuel, but my son convinced me to go upstairs and call for emergency help, to get to safety. There was nothing we could do for Manuel there.”

When she returned downstairs, the police had already arrived swiftly, although the ambulance hadn’t yet come. “I’m in touch with Manuel’s family, and he has come out of the coma, but they’ve had to operate on him three times.”

The shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and safety, even in seemingly familiar surroundings. It’s a tale that highlights the unpredictable nature of life and the courage displayed in the face of danger. Stay safe, stay aware, and treasure every moment with your loved ones.

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