Doja Cat’s Candid Complaints: Uncomfortable Victoria’s Secret Pink Carpet Dress

Doja Cat Voices Discomfort with Victoria’s Secret Pink Carpet Dress

On September 6th, Victoria’s Secret marked the upcoming return of its fashion show with a pink carpet event graced by some of the hottest celebrities of the moment, including Doja Cat. However, Doja Cat didn’t hesitate to express her discomfort with the dress she wore for the occasion.

The singer openly admitted her disdain for the black dress she donned on the red carpet. The design featured an exposed thong, plunging neckline, and an open back. Doja Cat paired it with pointed shoes, a diamond choker from Messika, and stylish sunglasses. As for her beauty look, she opted for bleached eyebrows and smoky eyes in shades of black and silver, complemented with nude lips outlined in brown.

Despite striking poses for photographers with the utmost grace during the event, she took to Instagram stories to air her grievances about her outfit, deeming it uncomfortable and unflattering.

“It’s crazy when you put on a dress and your vagina is exposed all night, and the straps make your chest touch the floor; when all you asked for was a slip dress, but I’m rambling,” she wrote in her stories. Later, she hinted that she might have contracted a urinary infection but turned “lemons into lemonade.”

In a subsequent post, Doja Cat continued to lament about the dress. “What a beautiful night WITHOUT those NON-ADJUSTABLE straps.” In the third post, she addressed the uncomfortable thong that was sewn into the dress. “When I say the panty was integrated into the dress, it’s because when I put it on, the shoulder straps pulled the cord through my cervix and split me like a block of cheddar cheese.”

In her fourth and final post regarding her complaints, she quipped: “I’d feed it to the moths.”

Despite her dissatisfaction with the dress, Doja Cat shared a photo album of herself showcasing it in various moments of the night. At present, it’s unclear who designed the dress, but what is certain is that the thong was from Victoria’s Secret.

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