5 Tips of Roselyn Sánchez To Become Fit and In Shape At 49

Roselyn Sánchez | Become Fit and In Shape | Jennifer Lopez | Fantasy Island | Home Economics | Podcast

Roselyn Sánchez, the Fantasy Island and Home Economics famous person and podcast host, is healthy at 49. As if to show it, Sanchez simply published a brand new seaside picture graph of herself with her friends

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How does she live so healthy? Read on to peer five approaches Roselyn Sánchez remains in form and the images that show they work.

  1. She Does Activities With Her Kids
    Sanchez likes to do sports together with her children to hold herself in form. She shared this set of images on Instagram from an experience her own circle of relatives took to Puerto Rico. In them, Sanchez and her children are visible going paddle boarding and playing time on the seaside. She captioned the post, “It made me smile seeing everybody have amusing below the lovely Puerto Rican sun.”
  1. She Gets Advice From Her Friends
    Sanchez found out a number of her well-being secrets and techniques to Hola USA. She says that she receives recommendations from her friends, consisting of Jennifer Lopez. “If you need your face to appearance chiselled, no sodium days before,” she explained. “I found out that from our buddy JLo.”
  2. She’s Conscious Of Her Body
    Sanchez tells Hola USA that she is extraordinarily aware of her frame. She says that that is one of the motives she remains healthy. “I think [staying fit] is an aware decision,” she said. “Once you’ve got children, the frame changes.”
  3. She’s Motivated By Her Kids
    Sanchez tells Hola USA that certainly considered one among her largest motivations for staying energetic and wholesome are her children. “Now it is now no longer even approximately the physique. I have become a mom past due in life—I had Sebella at 38 and Dylan at 44—and I need to be as wholesome as feasible for so long as feasible.”
  4. She Pushes Herself
    Sanchez pushes herself to live in a form on a normal basis, even if she would not sense like it. She tells Hola USA that she continually attempts to work out, and out and receives thru her lazier days. “People have a belief of you, of the way you want to appear, and it is a variety of pressure. I’d as a substitute be domestic and do nothing, however, I can’t.”

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